Ship maintenance

You can count on us for all maintenance activities on your ship, such as:

Complete renovation of all types of fishing vessels
Maintenance and re-motorising
Supply and overhaul of:
Fishing winches
Fishnet rolls
Bow thrusters
Fish hatches
Fishing gear
Fish and boom blocks
Stability calculations and stability-improving measures.

In our dock we can offer you:

Maintenance check-up, consisting of an entire washing of the ship and preserving it.
Maintenance and repair below the waterline, such as repairs to the bow thruster and propeller shaft installation, the rudders, etc.
Installing a nozzle
Measuring the hull thickness
Replacing the zinc anodes
Renewal of hull parts and the surface
Affixing a keel
Blast and paint work. (After blasting the grit is disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.)