Beam Trawler

Beam Trawler
After a period of design and testing of a new underwater vessel model, the hull of a very modern beam trawler was constructed in 2001: the GO-9 "Onderneming".

Adapting to modern times and the need for a cost-effective vessel resulted in this beautiful fishing vessel. It is possible to fish with reduced fuel consumption at a desired cruising speed and, even more importantly, fishing speed. This mainly has to do with a new nozzle suspension and a bulb on the stern which ensure better water conduction along the thruster. All possible adjustments are made to this vessel in order to reduce the sound level in each of the trawler compartments to a minimum. We prioritise both economy and ergonomics when it comes to our newly constructed vessels.

The main dimensions of the beam trawler, the GO-9 "Onderneming", are as follows:

  • Overall length: 41.70 metres
  • Length between perpendiculars: 36.85 metres
  • Width: 9.00 metres
  • Cavity at 0.5 l.: 5.00 metres
  • Draught: 3.85 metres

The capacity is 2000 HP (1470 kW) and is supplied by a Wärtsilä of type 6L26. The fuel capacity is 100,000 litres and the drinking water capacity is 37,000 litres.

Successful trials, however, have shown that we have fully complied with the needs regarding fuel economy, the sound level on board, the tractive power present during fishing, as well as comfort. These results give a whole new direction to the opportunities within the shipbuilding industry, with a future-oriented view.