Euro-Beam Trawler

Euro-Beam Trawler
In the period from October 1999 until October 2003 Machine factory Padmos BV received an order for building eight state-of-the-art euro-beam trawlers, which had to be suitable for twin-rigging, beam trawling, twin trawling and shrimp fishery.

The design and drawings are self-manufactured.

Our extensive experience in the fishing industry, the application of the latest techniques and a modern organisation, guarantee a good catch and comfortable navigation.

Of course everything happens in consultation with and to the wishes of our customers. Each of these euro-beam trawlers is equipped with:

  • A Mitsubishi main engine type: S6A 300-3 with a capacity of 300 HP at 1530 rpm.
  • Two generator sets: each 125 kVA with a Mitsubishi engine type: 6D22T with a capacity of 225 HP at 1500 rpm, which also drive the hydro pumps for the winch, fishnet roll and bow thruster.
  • A Padmos winch type: PW 130-4/130-5 with 9 drums
  • A Padmos fishnet roll type: WP 35-2x2080 with 2 separately powered net drums
  • A Padmos bow thruster SB and BB type: HP 100 with 90 HP hydraulic engine
  • A Padmos anchor winch type: SITI I130A 100-1?

The main dimensions of these series euro-beam trawlers are as follows:

  • Overall length: 23.97 metres
  • Length between perpendiculars: 21.07 metres
  • Width: 6.85 metres
  • Cavity: 3.65 metres

These fishing vessels have a fuel capacity of 21,200 litres and a drinking water capacity of 11,200 litres.

The new series of euro-beam trawlers which are operational already:

no.    NameHome port
KW-5Leendert de MolKatwijk, the Netherlands
OD-9GeertruidaOuddorp, the Netherlands
PH-550Admiral Grenville      Plymouth, the UK
SCH-18BoeierScheveningen, the Netherlands
TX-34Sola GratiaTexel hull delivery to: A&L Hoekman, Urk, the Netherlands
TX-45Berend CornelisTexel, the Netherlands
TX-48SoleaTexel, the Netherlands
UK-186Gerrit SrUrk, hull delivery to: A&L Hoekman, Urk, the Netherlands
TH-7Adriana MariaTholen, the Netherlands