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Padmos plays an important role mainly in the development of fishery.

A few examples:

Beam trawlers

The owner of the GO-59 asked us whether we could develop a vessel with 2000 horsepower running 15 miles. Padmos did so, and the vessel has been built to full satisfaction of the owner.

The owner of the GO-9 asked us whether we were able to develop a vessel with an energy-efficient hull. This also turned out to be very successful.

Euro-beam trawler
Padmos has developed a euro-beam trawler that can catch shrimp, flatfish as well as sole. These euro-beam trawlers can twin-rig as well. Nine of these euro-beam trawlers have been built.

Fly-shoot fishing
Padmos was asked to develop a hydraulically driven fly-shoot winch that would be linked to a computer. This allows the cables to be pinned simultaneously in a user-friendly way. Meanwhile seven of these winches have already been sold.

PLS winches

Shipping company Jaczon in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, asked us to accept the following challenge: designing a power cable winch for the electrofishing industry. Padmos developed this winch in a very short period of time and at this moment 22 of them have been sold already. Several fishing vessels are already using it, to full satisfaction.