• Delivery of an aluminium workboat.
    published at 5 March 2014
    Delivery of an aluminium workboat.Last week an aluminium workboat has been delivered. The boats is designed and build here at Padmos and will be used for catching mullet on the Westerschelde.
  • Jan Leenheer and Smit bronco in dry dock
    published at 10 February 2014
    Jan Leenheer and Smit bronco in dry dockBoth the Jan Leenheer and Smit Bronco are docked for hull repairs and new paintjobs. And a new Padmos build towing winch has been hoisted aboard the Jan Leenheer and will be connected in the upcoming week.
  • LT-34 sold
    published at 30 January 2014
    LT-34 soldThe LT-34 "Jupiter" has been sold and renamed "Sasha Emiel" with the fishing number "BM-181". After some maintenance work and a new paint job, she left this weekend.
  • Sirius back to her home port IJmuiden
    published at 20 January 2014
    Sirius back to her home port IJmuidenAfter successfully finishing the last sea trails, the Sirius left for her home port "IJmuiden" this Monday. Later her bollard pull will be tested.
  • Sea trail with the Sirius
    published at 10 January 2014
    Sea trail with the SiriusLast Friday a sea trail has been carry'd out with the Sirius.
  • Installation HFK pulse-fishing system TX-19.
    published at 20 December 2013
    Installation HFK pulse-fishing system TX-19.Last week the TX-19 arrived for the installation of a HFK pulse-fishing system. After installation and a few small jobs she left the yard today.
  • Placing of sonar aboard the SL-9 and SCH-65
    published at 12 December 2013
    Placing of sonar aboard the SL-9 and SCH-65Both the SL-9 and SCH-65 are in Stellendam for the mounting of a sonar system. The SL-9 just left the dry dock and will be finished on the dock side. And the SCH-65 is now in the dry dock fore mounting the sonar.
  • Progress Sirius
    published at 10 December 2013
    Progress SiriusAboard the Sirius they make good progress on rebuilding the engine room. Yesterday the carbon prop shafts have been hoisted and mounted on board. As soon as they finish the prop shaft grads, the engines can be started for...
  • BRU-49 in dry dock.
    published at 3 December 2013
    BRU-49 in dry dock.This week, grid blasting and painting of the BRU-49 has been finished. And she is sailing again.
  • Repairs TH-7
    published at 12 November 2013
    Repairs TH-7Aboard the Tholen 7, all repairs have been finished. A new layer of paint has been applied, on both sides the bulwark has been replaced over 7 meters, the wooden deck is renewed and in workshop in Bruinisse the fish...