MDV1 “IMMANUEL” winner of KNVTS “Ship of the Year Award” 2016

MDV1 “IMMANUEL” winner of KNVTS “Ship of the Year Award” 2016Klik voor meerdere fotosPadmosPadmosPadmospublished at 1 November 2016
Padmos and Hoekman Shipbuilding won the KNVTS “Ship of the Year Award” for the design and construction of the innovative vessel MDV1 “IMMANUEL”. The KNVTS wants to promote technical innovation in the maritime sector in The Netherlands with this award. Each year this prestigious prize is awarded to a ship which is technically innovative and designed and (mainly) built or finished in The Netherlands. The awards ceremony will take place during the Maritime Awards Gala.



The MDV1 “IMMANUEL” is the most economical and environmentally friendly fishing vessel ever. The ship is a clear example of the innovative strength of the Dutch cutter fishery according to Prime Minister Rutte. The Prime Minister held the openingsspeech at the Maritime Awards Gala.

One of the main challenges while building the MDV1 “IMMANUEL” was the very strict deadline due to the subsidies granted by the European Fisheries Fund. Intensive cooperation was required between MDV, Padmos and Hoekman Shipbuilding in order to meet the deadline. A compelling and succesful example of the cooperation between one client and two shipyards.

The main technical challenges were the design of the special fuel-saving shape of the hull and the best way to fit in the many innovations. Innovations like dieselelectric propulsion, heat recovery and powermanagement. The engineering and building process of this completely new design were a seamless process. It was only made possible by the engineering departments of both shipyards working as a welloiled team. No concession was made regarding efficiency and sustainability.

All suppliers involved were also asked to propose innovations and energy-saving applications. All of this made for a hugely motivated and enthousiastic construction team. In addition the cooperation between suppliers was extraordinary. With all the parties involved the impossible was made possible.

This was the third nomination for the “Ship of the Year Award” for Padmos. In 2000 Padmos won the award with the design and construction of the Rotortug “RT Magic”. A ship specially engineered to assist seagoing vessels mooring and unmooring. The ship is special for its three propellers instead of two, enabling it to develop more pulling capacity, forwards, backwards as well as sideways. Apart from the huge pulling capacity (75 tonnes) the Rotortug also has enormous manoeuvrability. The “RT Magic” is able to rotate around its own axis in less than half a minute.

The capacity and manoeuvrability of this tug has made it multifunctionally useful.

In 2003 a second prize was won in the “Ship of the Year Award”-category. KNVTS awarded the prize to Padmos for the design and construction of the beamfishcutter GO-9 “Onderneming”. This ship has a larger pulling capacity, due to its specially designed hull, a lower fuel consumption and a higher speed than similar ships.


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