Construction of new tug started.

Construction of new tug started.Klik voor meerdere fotosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmospublished at 5 November 2014
At the construction company Mostacon in Stelledam, The Netherlands they start building the aluminium superstructure for the next vessel for the TSM Group.

This is the third vessel for TSM. And just as the second vessel, TSM Brehat was a bit different from the first vessel, TSM Albatre, this third vessel also be a bit different from the Brehat. The same hull as the Brehat will be used, but the wheelhouse will be on top of a superstructure which accommodates a mess and galley. And under the deck there will be space for an extra cabin.

The casco will be constructed at the yard CSR in Rotterdam, just like the previous two vessels.


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