TSM Albatre

TSM AlbatreKlik voor meerdere fotosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmosPadmospublished at 18 October 2010
In week 51 2012 the TSM Albatre made the first trial run. This ASD tug is for the french market. The TSM Albatre has a dimension of 19.6 x 8.2 m and contains 2x 1400 hp. The trial run was successful.


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