About Padmos

In 1930, Mr Padmos Senior - father and grandfather of the current board of directors - started a workshop for the repair of engines and fishing winches serving the mussel fishery in Bruinisse, the Netherlands.

In time Padmos started the development and construction of fishing winches for the fishing industry. Gradually he also started carrying out repairs and renovations to existing vessels. Today this is still an important part of the activities.

Because the installation of winches and engines on board became an important activity, Padmos decided to expand the shipyard. In 1964, a new production facility was built in Bruinisse and four years later an expansion followed.

When the estuaries Grevelingen and Oosterschelde were closed, a new location had to be found which would be accessible by sea. Therefore, Padmos had a new factory built in Stellendam in 1972.

In 1978 a used dock was purchased in order to carry out repair and maintenance services to the fleet. This was replaced in 1986 by a new dock, which was designed by Padmos. The dock capacity was increased from 700 to 1200 tonnes. The dimensions are 70 x 15 metres and it is moored in the inner port of Stellendam, the Netherlands.

In 2007 a branch in Kilmore Quay, Ireland was opened. From here Padmos performs various repairs on and renovations of Irish fishing vessels. The activities mainly consist of mounting, overhaul and repair of engines and winches.

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